[Ingress/Historical] Operation: Over the City 2 (L5 HCF through L2 zerofield)

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With the fall of G+, large portions of Ingress history was lost. I've manage to recovery from my old G+ backups few fragments, which are documenting our way to the L6 homogeneous field, 1st in Czech Republic.

November 11th, 2018, Frýdek-Místek, Moravia, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

XM research - homogeneous field (L5 HCF) and zerofield (L2 ZF)


Portal. Deploy, acquire the key. Next, deploy, send a link to the previous one and acquire the key. Third one. Deploy, send links to the previous two => field. We all know it. And most of us are content with it. Not me, though. It’s too easy. It’s simple. It’s… unsatisfactory in its straightforward simplicity. You surely know it at least from hearing about it. You know it’s not the real thing. And you must find the real thing. So you start looking for it without knowing what it actually is. But you search, you keep searching.

The thought of building more complex structure than simple fields hasn’t fascinated only me for years. Back then, while browsing the world of ingress reports, I stumbled upon a gang of players from Tokyo who had just built something interesting… and what they had built interested me immediately. Suddenly I knew what it was that I had been looking for.

Homogeneous fields

You surely know the situation when you build field after field on a base link… at the base you end up with a nice fully blue field, many layers on top of each other through which you can’t even see the roads on the map. The further you get from the base, the fewer layers of field you get and the less opaque the blue is. We use it often. But… it is not perfect, it doesn’t have the same color all over, the same number of layers… it is not homogeneous.

And that’s what this is about. An nth degree homogeneous field is a field that contains n layers in it, but – that’s the important part – across the whole of its surface. Not more or fewer layers in any given spot. In practice it means utilising the right portals in the area and by gradually building smaller fields to achieve the transformation of these smaller fields into one giant homogeneous field over the entire target area.

It requires preparation and capable people in the field, but it’s doable. And it looks really good.


The operator has managed the challenge in the form of preparation of this operation and capable people we definitely have no shortage of! The agents threw themselves at key farming with vigor and the target date was set. Those who couldn’t play on the target date could play before that and in the days leading up to the operation they pre-cleaned the target area for us with their incursions. We’re good to go!


At 10:30PM the agents meet up with the operator at a meeting at the central anchor portal of the operation. They get the latest updated instructions and redistribute the keys. Everybody is in a good mood and so after a few pre-op pictures the operator returns to his headquarters while the first shots in the area are fired according to the plan. Within an hour the area is clean and secured by two blocklinks and the construction itself began. The 2nd degree zero field, 9 protofields into it finished into 9 3rd degree homogeneous fields next to each other forming a bigger triangle. We’re nearing the conclusion and morphing the construction into a single big 5th degree homogeneous field. With the chime of 2AM @KladivoNaZaby sent the last link and the whole field passed the first of three CPs.


The veterans of my operations still remember that we had built something like this before. Yes, L5 HCF over L2 ZF stood over Frýdek-Místek on June 24th 2016 already. That one too was built by 6 agents. We can compare. There was a lot more cleaning work to be done this time, but we were faster in the other phases, even over 50% faster in one of them. Construction method optimisation has therefore born fruit. And yes, the veterans will remember that this is the third 5th degree field already! Because there was one in Ostrava in the South already! It was on May 15th 2016 when we have successfully verified our understanding of another, the so called Japanese, style of homogeneous field construction through the core. Again successfully on the first try, see the report Operation: Southerners4Southerners 3

🧲💪👆👉 SUMMARY: Built on the whole 171 fields for a total of 37,8K MUs, that helped create a 5th degree homogeneous field (L5 HCF). This field itself consisted of 43 portals on which 123 links created 121 sub-fields for a total of 28K MUs. It rose over the city on November 11th 2018 at exactly 2:00 in the morning. It passed the CP at 2AM by a second exactly and afterwards it passed the ones at 7AM and at 12 noon as well. The field was destroyed by 🐸 agent @nesehehame at 13:37PM. The whole construction took 2,5 hours and under the management of 1 operator it was carried out by 6 agents in the field. Additional 6 agents contributed to the operation during various phases of preparation.

From this event we took away not only the good mood stemming from another success, but also the knowledge that we had built something that nobody else had built here before! We know how to do it. We can do it. And it’s not enough for us! We keep going, you haven’t heard the last of us! 

Viva la Resistance!

💙 See you next time!

💪 Key farming: @Arweth@Bizicz@KladivoNaZaby, @KLARISON, @onse47, @Staineros, @Veveka

💪 Pre-cleaning: @Bizicz@KladivoNaZaby, @KLARISON, @ROCKYNA, @Staineros, @Vokoun76

💪 Area preparation on the target day: @Bizicz, @indylint, @KladivoNaZaby@MiniNikka, @Nairam1, @PETRCZ64, @Staineros

💪 Linkers: @Bizicz, @indylint, @KladivoNaZaby@MiniNikka, @Nairam1, @Staineros

💪 Plan and operator: @Arweth

💪 Report: @Arweth@roman3349

Road to the success (related sitreps):

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