[Ingress/Historical] Southerners4Southerners 3 (L5 HCF through core)

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With the fall of G+, large portions of Ingress history was lost. I've manage to recovery from my old G+ backups few fragments, which are documenting our way to the L6 homogeneous field, 1st in Czech Republic.

May 15th, 2016, Ostrava, Moravia, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

XM research - homogeneous field (L5 HCF through core)

The inspiring impulse concerning the area of SNP square and the Belsky forest was born among the Southerners in late February. Simultaneously, I had the idea of homogeneous fields in my head. Synergy took effect and so we built a 4th degree homogeneous control field in April. In team and solo.

Simple draft for solo variant.

Successfull construction and smooth realisation encouraged and motivated the teammates to declare willingness to invest time and effort in further activities of this type. So I started the preparations of larger goals. We have utilised the same area again and the knowledge of the terrain served us well. We gathered the keys together and got to work on Sunday.

Before the event, activities of not-involved-in-building players created some security block links and the first adjustments in target area began. The Frogs were inactive at target time so we just paid attention to the surrounding fauna which watched our activities in large numbers (hedgehogs, rabbits, deers and probably also foxes). Some blue crosslinks came into game as a result of actions of our faction’s new players, who were uninformed about our operation, but we managed that easily. I would like to thank them for their cooperation and understanding.

Although there was some arrangement work in terrain before the operation in the afternoon and evening, generally speaking we were not too busy. After the distribution of the keys, allocation of players into teams and a quick final briefing, we started our work after the CP at 11pm. Keeping the previous experience in mind, we weren’t in such a hurry this time and we focused on the construction technique itself. That aspect of the event worked out to 100%.

The construction of the core of our homogeneous field took longer than we expected, the finalization, on the contrary, was faster. Anchors were raised at 0:45 am and all links were sent at 1:05 am. Then we used viruses on the anchor portals for field farming. Our work comfortably held to the checkpoint at 4:00 am. At 6:10AM 🐸 @topomapas took down the anchor portal Dýně z kamene and 🐸 @PeWe007 blasted the central anchor Skautské středisko for 29K+ AP at 9:29AM.

🧲 SUMMARY: 43 portals121 fields as planned, totalling 48913 MUs6 agents during the preparation phase, 5 agents during the event itself.

💪 Keys: @Arweth, @ceskione, @Rosparovac, @Staineros, @TM8202

💪 Cleaners: @ceskione, @Nairam1, @Rosparovac, @Staineros, @TM8202

💪 Linkers: @FrogKiller999, @Nairam1, @Rosparovac, @Staineros, @TM8202.

💪 Planning and operator: @Arweth

Road to the success (related sitreps):

👆2018/12/28 - L6 HCF through L2 ZF - Operation: Badasssery

👆2018/11/11 - L5 HCF through L2 ZF - Operation: Over the City 2

👉2016/05/15 - L5 HCF through core - Operation: Southerners4Southerners 3

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