Three features that I've really missed this week

I was sad to lose Redacted before we got full feature parity, but decided to shut up until I'd used Prime for a few days. Here are the things that I've wanted to be able to do this week and really missed because they weren't available:

  1. Sort capsules by acquisition. This is really painful for me because I have a lot of capsules in my inventory and it's really hard to find the capsule you just picked up. Naming is only a partial workaround because my capsule usage is extremely dynamic, so labels will never remain accurate.
  2. Profile screenshot. I missed this the very minute Redacted was gone. I wanted to capture my profile from that moment in time and just couldn't... I had to use the OS screenshot function and capture several different shots.
  3. Navigate to portal. I know that it's a corner case and that a lot of people don't care, but I use it regularly for exploring the map. If I see someone take an action in comm I can navigate to the portal and then look around to assess the area and see if it's worth my time to go there and play.


  • #1 is driving me nuts. I can only find stuff now by count of things in the capsule. They completely ruined my acquisition order.

    #2 also miss. Annoying.

    #3 Agreed too. Comes in handy sometimes.

    What I want to know more is how this can even be considered any kind of feature parity. These items are taking steps back from BASIC functionality.

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