In your case to whom you identify the most?

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In your case to whom you identify the most?

Think on your actions in-game and out-game!

Catalyst - Devra Bogdanovich - Charisma

The Catalyst, who causes changes and brings out the potential hidden within others.

Explorer - Hank Johnson - Intuition

The Explorer, who goes out of their way to find and uncover what is hidden to others.

Dreamer - Roland Jarvis - Awareness

The Dreamer, who's hopes for the future can inspire others.

Alchemist - Oliver Lynton-Wolfe - Insight

The Alchemist, who can transform themselves or others

Spiritualist - Stein Lightman - Belief

The Spiritualist, who can change what is otherwise intangible

Omniscient - ADA - Memory

The Omniscient, one who has a nearly limitless access to any and all information

Interpreter - Carrie Campbell - Understanding

The Interpreter, who can find a meaning where others cannot

Trickster - Misty Hannah - Aesthetic

The Trickster, who can change others perception of reality

Skeptic - Martin Schubert - Identity

The Skeptic, who questions all and causes the group to re-evaluate what may be wrong

Listener - Enoch Dalby - Creativity

The Listener, who can perceive what others may not

Visionary - Viktor Kureze - Empathy

The Visionary, who's visions can clarify what the group may not otherwise see

Humanist - Yuri Nagassa - Immortality

The Humanist, who has the ability to perfectly leverage other's human instincts and awareness.

Patron - Ezekiel Calvin - Strength

The Patron, who can compel the group to form.

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    ... based on these descriptions the folks who put a shard at a dead end during avenir are not a part of team trickster they're a part of @teamskeptic. Trickster sounds cool though, I get it.

    And therein is the problem with self-identification. We choose how we hope to look. When I look at these descriptions I personally gravitate towards the dreamer. I couldn't say if that's how I operate in game or in the community.

  • I saw the graphic and thought there might be a quiz here.

    I'd say I'm a Skeptic first, a Dreamer second, and a Catalyst third.

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    "Lord" Patron.

    Accidentally chose it as profile picture in the forum, but after reading more about it, it kinda clicks.

    Maybe Skeptics after that and Visionary to complete the trilogy.

  • ZaltysZaltys ✭✭✭

    Explorer. Haven't been playing for long, but I already have more portal discoveries than most agents in my region.

    I got into Ingress just so I could submit portals (and by extension, pokestops) for my favorite 'under-rated' places in the region. Been touring the local villages and researching history books, adding portals to places that used to have none. I've also added plenty of out-of-way lean-tos and archeological sites, to the annoyance of the local cargress players.

  • Always good to give cargress players targets they will never reach.

    I've been a Catalyst since before these were defined, and strive for that in RPEs.

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