Ingress Prime Sound - Why don't we give Niantic Audio-Wise feedbacks?

Going through the several discussions, I found more Agents actually care about the Ingress audio. A lot of Agents missed the Redacted Scanner sounds and some of them recorded them as memory. Now, what do you think about Prime's audio? I'm already on Prime for about 3 months and I have both likes/dislikes.

Let's give Niantic Audio-Wise feedbacks! 😁

Below are what I think:

*I like the background ambience music a lot, as well as the sonar sound. They are minimalistic with an emotional touch when combined.

*It sounds like the music changes over time or something. When I play for a long time, I hear new sounds. It's a new thing on Prime and I'm excited to find more about.

*The constant high-pitch glitchy noise is sometimes distracting when I want to focus on other sounds or I want to play Ingress relaxed. In the old update, it could be separated from the background ambience music using the slider in the settings menu. I really want to choose to turn it on/off.

*I want more obvious changes in background music when I'm around my own faction portal / enemy portal / neutral portal.

[This discussion is reposted. It was originally posted under the General section, and I got a suggestion that the App Feedback section would be more appropriate.]


  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    yay for the correct section. let's hope people will read this and share their comments as well.

    great job, @CrystaTech !

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