Sooooo. The booing at the Amsterdam Abbadon Afterparty...

Yeah. That was some statement the players made. I get it, I used redacted only during the anomaly, and here's why:

  • The whole scanner is blue. I'm ENL and I'm a little offended every time I use Prime.
    • The XM bar is blue
    • The map has a blueish hue
    • The glyph screens are blue
    • The text and buttons for menu's are blue... Anyway you get it.
  • The Gaussian blur around the edges of the screen, doesn't add anything
  • The visibility of almost everything on the scanner
  • Resonator visibility (yeah this kind of needs a special mention). In Redacted you can see at a glance if a resonator is missing. In Prime I can't see $%#! Resonators and the lines to the portal disappear all the time.
  • The pictures in the scanner (flame effect)
  • XM visibility (In redacted missing XM is a sign of activity, in Prime I wouldn't know if someone has been around...)
  • The glyph screen. It's all blue, but glyphing feels different. Maybe it's the thin line, but something's just off.
  • No "nearby" portals when there are none on the screen but some in the vicinity.
  • The hack results. They come by in slow motion. I glyph complex, and gear flashes by at simple speeds. The fact that the result screen needs a tap to be dismissed is also annoying.
  • The inventory
    • I like the idea of the carrousel but please dumb down the graphics. The additional layers are not adding anything. It makes determining the rarity of an item at a glance near impossible.
    • I'd like to see the actual item a little smaller and use the additional space for something else.
    • Capsule management is not really intuitive. You have to load/unload and the press cancel. This would suggest the load/unload didn't take place, although it did. (I would suggest having the button change from cancel to done when you have made any changes to the capsule and want to exit that view.
    • Let us have the possibility of selecting all of the selected item.
    • Why would we go to empty capsules first in capsule view. I'd like to have keylockers first again, as they're the go-to capsules for almost all players.
  • Remote portal view. The loading time of portals, links and fields is too long. It can sometimes take up to 20 seconds to display all information. (Also, why is everything blue?!)
  • Netcode overall. It seems having the scanner resume from background can make loading the area take a very long time. In some cases it can take up to half a minute. In that time frame I can re-launch the game altogether.
  • Game startup time. This needs to improve drastically. Especially if it's not able to reliably run in the background/sleep mode. Redacted launches in 7 seconds on my iPhone 8, Prime takes 18 seconds. Longer startup time would be acceptable if it means it can run in the background without any issues. Having notifications is no use if you can't act on them in time ;)
  • Portal keys
    • When a portal key is selected from the inventory, you can click the key icon to enter remote portal view. When a portal is selected, the key icon cannot be used to enter remote portal view. This makes "Portal hopping" impossible.
    • When a portal is fully charged, you cannot select the player profile from the resonator screen. It will try to upgrade the resonator, making it impossible to view the player profile from that screen.
  • Font size. The comms/activity/alerts screens should have selectable font size. There is also a lot of white space.
  • Launching bursters. Everyone that has fired bursters at 20%, knows when to release the button. In Prime, the circle doesn't react the same way. When you have it exactly on the right spot, you're just too late.
  • Recent updates have made linking faster. However, it also makes it unreliable. The lines jump all over the screen, fields are generating 0 mu and when you look at the intel later, several links will not have been thrown. I like where it is going but for reliable linking, I use redacted.

I hope we can make Prime a viable replacement before we retire redacted. And it has come a long way, but it's far from done.



  • Totally agree with all the above, and would add that there are several locations where I can't log in to prime at all. One of those being my home address.

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭

    That is a perfect sum up of what's got to be done.

  • PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

    I couldn't hear the full response, but what I found interesting is that Krug's defense of Prime had everything to do with the need to migrate to a new server. I didn't hear him say anything about it looking better or playing better.

  • And with my iphone SE, is sooo laggg

  • There’s one good point in Prime vs Redacted... when running on my old iPhone6, it turns it into a very efficient toaster or heater... for a very short while.

  • KzanolKzanol ✭✭

    I could deal with the rest of it if it weren't for the visibility issues. Every time I try using Prime, I wind up switching to Redacted because I can't tell what's going on on the screen.

  • Thanks for the response, @NianticScot. Can you give us deets on when the next UI refresh is happening? I don't have any of the complaints others seem to have about Prime (allegedly, slow netcode, slow boot-up (although it could be faster), discomfort with the disambiguation view when clicking into a cluster of entities, so on). My biggest, primary complaint is simply to do with the visibility (the lack thereof) of the application.

    It's a beta, so I get that getting the program functional takes priority over aesthetic concern, and I understand that, lore-wise, the Scanner is a Resistance invention that is reappropriated by the ENL, but at the very least, if we can't have lime-green, at least give us a blue that contrasts better against the blackness of the rest of the app.

    Thanks again for the response. It's a shame it didn't include a photo of a well-fed lion, but we can't win them all...

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Scot, thanks for taking the time to read my post and respond. That means a lot.

    I understand why Redacted is no longer viable to maintain. I also like where the Prime scanner is headed, but felt the need to express the things that bother me instead of booing at the afterparty (which was funny, but also quite worrying.).

  • MaxialdMaxiald
    edited June 2019

    Google translate:

    Faced such a problem:

    Redacted and all other navigation applications work fine. But Prime can not find me on the map on the satellite as if he was not looking for a long time. If at the moment of searching for a player on the globe to disable and enable navigation, he immediately finds the current position of the player, but then remains on it up to 20 minutes - despite the fact that the player is moving.

    If you enable mobile network navigation, it will find the area, but the positioning will not be accurate and will jump the region from one cellular “tower” to another ..

    This makes it completely impossible to play on prime.

    P.S. telephone alcatel 3v 5099d


    Столкнулся с такой проблемой:

    Redacted и все другие навигационные приложения работают нормально. А вот Прайм не может найти меня на карте по спутниками как бы долго он не искал. Если в момент поиска игрока на глобусе отключить и включить навигацию он сразу находит текущую позицию игрока, но потом остается на ней вплоть до 20 минут - несмотря на то, что игрок движется.

    Если включить навигацию по мобильным сетям то он найдет район, но позиционирование будет не точным и прыгать порайону от одной сотовой "вышки" к другой..

    Это делает полностью невозможной игру на прайме 

    P.S. телефон alcatel 3v 5099d  

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey dude.

    I think you would benefit more from your own topic :)

    You can create a new topic on app feedback.

  • @NianticScot Thank you for communicating that so clearly. Frankly, a huge fraction of your player base seem so be alienated and at least grumpy by the lack of communication and lack of reaction to feedback in the six months since Prime's very premature launch. This non-communication together with a scanner that was obviously not read for Prime time and not designed by people who were more than very casual players of Ingress 1.x caused a lot of resentment towards Prime that will be very hard to undo. I know a lot of people who are still active in Ingress communities but have basically given up on active playing. There needs to be active, steady, visible progress towards a playable version of Prime if you want people to give Prime a chance and not stop playing completely when Redacted gets dropped. The baby steps of the past and the non-communication are not enough.

  • Why?

    For example, if we make Portals larger, it may ruin visibility when they are clustered. 

    Why are they needing to be changed, how did they even get into prime to begin with?

    "For example, if we make Portals larger, it may ruin visibility when they are clustered. "

    Really ^^ (scaling/transperency of fonts & GUI elements is a thing, this is not 1987)

    Am I missing something? You can make all the changes in the world, add as much glitz & glitter you want, yet if it's unplayable, unreliable or or unusable (GUI) the other details are worthless, regardless of intent or expense.

    My personal experience of prime is:

    I spend more time zooming in & out unintentionally, than playing the game. some of us play in the rain, blinding sun or depths of winter, colorblind etc. & then having to use redacted to check on missed opportunities of portals, chat, links, gear & notifications, etc.

    P.s. when redacted goes so do I, not because I can't accept prime, because it's not ingress unless you can play it when & how you want to, on existing hardware. I play ingress because I love it, redacted delivers the enjoyment - Prime fails to **** (keep it simple stupid)

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