Allow the usage of own avatars

As an Ingress user I want to upload my own avatar to the community website.

Reason: Most people have unique avatars and are very easy to spot in a list of posts. An own avatar is also state of the art in social media since at least 10 years.

Solution: Allow the upload of own avatar pictures and limit them by picture and file size.


  • With customisation always comes potential for abuse.

    Do you own the picture you intend to use?

    Is it compliant with the community rules?

    If you upload it, do the rights you've had in regards to the picture go over to the niantic?


    WE have avatars in our Google/Facebook account, why not just simply use them?

  • AngroxAngrox ✭✭✭

    @Lucoire Then why is this possible in _all_ other social medias? Please explain.

  • @Angrox Well, all other social media platforms have the "the rights of the picture go over to us when you post or use it here" as part of their ToS 😏

  • AngroxAngrox ✭✭✭

    @Lucoire The same does Niantic. Just click below on "Terms of Service", paragraph 5.2 :-)

  • emsaemsa ✭✭

    @Lucoire As said, just look at the ToS.

    As usual you are responsible not to infringe any copyright law with your avatar. Nothing new here... So it's most likely simply a "feature to come",

    For the abuse part: if you want to prevent abuse completely, just don't run a social media platform. Every single post is a potential abuse. With this argument you can suppress everything... whole live has a huge potential for abuse.

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