Why don't we let NIA resolve their Ingress Forum bugs issue?

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Reddit subreddit: IngressWorldChat


While the Niantic staff are fixing the community forum, lets hangout here for a bit until the weather is clear.

If you are here, you're bounded on few things:

It's a secret group, because we all Ingress AGENTS.

Comm my agent's name with #WeAreAllMercutio and your reddit username. Another agent will check the public comm and then we will approve you to be added to the subreddit.

For example:

@Qu4rd Heya! #WeAreAllMercutio and my reddit username is YourRedditUsername

No bullying, treat others with respect, don't say things you wouldn't say to you friends or family in real life.


Anyone wants to join? And yes, I am looking for mods as well. Do share us your expertise under this thread for everyone to see and the subreddits you are managing, and we can talk shops.


  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    After you done with the COMM, send the mod mail with the screenshot.

    Forced my partner @Nebuchadnezz4r to join my first subreddit. And he sent me a mod mail like this



    IGN: @Nebuchadnezz4r

    Level: L15

    Location: Malaysia

    Faction: ENL


    Maybe that can start things up, or I just can roll around inside the subreddit by myself. Haha.

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