Ingress Prime 2.33.1 Release Notes



  • Need to fix bugs asap.

    No attack warning in app!

    And nothing goes to fix about freezing the app.

  • Is there a definitive list of bugs?  App freezing and crashing clearly the worst, likely a platform thing because Go does the same due to memory leaks.

    Is the stupid "Alignment Error" message when No of outgoing links reached on it?

    The issue with unable to scroll up in message logs, keeps resetting to the bottom.

    Very difficult to see grey portals under a field, just tiny white dot smaller than XM on my phone, tilting map helps to see the 'flame'.

    Hard to select resonator for upgrade or charge, narrow target on edge of screen too close to agent name box,  And often Prime gets into a mode where you select one it highlights a different one.

  • Thu Oct 17 16:18:41 BST 2019

    I am also experiencing issues 2 (comms-scroll-to-bottom) and 4 (select-resonator) from the previous post.

  • I noticed the issue with Comms yesterday - it seems that when there's a new activity, it refreshes and scrolls back to the bottom.

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    Not even that, regardless of surrounding activity, it just goes all the way to the bottom

  • When glyphing, the first pip in the glyph sequence is never filled in, even though it is correctly hit.

  • Waiting for the new update like: 0_0

  • 6. When boost-charging a portal that needs more XM than I currently have, Prime uses up all my XM and Scanner gets disabled. Redacted left some XM to keep Scanner running.

    This is only a one of possible side effects of a global bug. Sometimes scanner subtracts random amount of XM from your XM bar on any action. You could get your scanner disabled even during resonator deployment! Boost charge is just an easiest way to spot it due to high value of error. This is a client-side problem; if you wait until scanner syncs with server, or recycle a small item to force sync, your'll see that all your XM is magically recovered.

    Another issue probably related to this bug is when a mod or resonator is deployed with low (but enough for this operation) XM level, you'll see "Not enough XM" message and also scanner may be disabled for a second or two, although the mod really is successfully deployed.

  • I don't think it's related to this bug, whatever it is. Again, I only noticed in when recharging. Redacted would leave some XM to keep scanner running. Prime sometimes takes everything. When I move on to get XM, I don't get all my XM recovered.

  • Why **** the old app? It's way better to give users a choice in my opinion.

  • The old app used (among all) a framework which is deprecated and is not maintained. That framework is not compatible with recent OS from Google and Apple. So Niantic had to replace that framework, and it made sense to use the existing framework from another project at Niantic's (Pokemon Go). For your information, now this framework is also used for another project, "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite".

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    Because Apple and Google both wanted it off their respective stores because it was viewed as a major security risk due to the unsupported engine the app was built upon. Both have given the client a one year grace period which came to an end.

  • Well, if they remove it from the store, it doesn't mean it will be removed from our phones, so they could still keep Redacted running while they iron out most of Prime's bugs, right?

  • what about if they have security bug to fix "right now"? or for instance enforcing anti-cheat controls?

  • True, I guess, if they really can combat cheaters better with Prime than with Redacted.

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