#IngressFS Graz Oktober 2019

ENL: @isagalaxy2 @Mirak21

RES: @Mirjami @Krustenviech

Invite Chat Telegram: https://t.me/fsgraz2019Oktober

Welcome to FirstSaturday Graz/Wilkommen zum FirstSaturday Ingress

Graz with its historic city center and plenty of cultural offers is a great place to visit – inside and outside of Ingress.

We are no strangers to cross-faction events either. Among others the city has hosted:

* A 13Magnus XM anomaly

* A visit of former community manager Anne Beuttenmüller with a cross-faction field art

* A mission day (in cooperation with the local tourism office)

* An NL1331 meetup

* A cross-faction marriage accompanied by a field art

Agenten von beiden Ingress Fraktionen: ENL und RES organisieren gemeinsam diesen Einsteiger Tag.

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