Nemesis is a true Resistance!

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Niantic wants us to play XF during some events. Ok.

I was just thinking if actually there are a lot of difference between Enlightened and Resistance. And you know what? Everything is quite clear with Enlightened: they discovered XM and all that shapers stuff and decided to use it for mankind evolution (or kind of that). This sounds logical to me.

They capture portals, create fields to gather MU, use glyphs and trying to communicate with extraterrestrial form of life (or kind of that😂)

But what different Resistance do? They capture portals, create fields, use glyphs.... Oh wait. They just do the same but with different color 😎

But I suppose the logical think which any resistance should do is actually resisting. I.e. destroy what Enlightened built, try to avoid portal and XM usage at all and better even destroy that alien stuff. If this requires more advanced technology than people have then ok, they can use samples of alien tech to create out own stuff.

IMO Nemesis group is very similar to this.

Niantic revealed XM and let scanner leak so lots of people started using XM and became agents. Faction does not mean here, we all are XM-users, we use the technology we don't actually understand understand. And the only thing Nemesis wants is to stop us. Long story short: only they are resisting.



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    I agree, the resistance in this case plays into the hands of enlightenment, saving the portal network from complete overlap. In principle, in the early days they wanted to limit access to xm for people, but now it’s the same enlightenment, but only with n'zeer.

    Both enlightenment and resistance use the same technology, which hints at the absolute identity of the goals, namely "control over the portal network." Not destruction and blocking of access, but control (and personal use).

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    It was the resistance that created the scanner.

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    My point here is the difference is quite small and XF shards prove that the main reason fir both factions is to keep the portal network and control it. Share with all the people or not is just a small detail especially if both ENL and RES support the same group of people (NIA) in their XM investigations.

    Probably the real Resistance members were actually fighting against the mainstream and trying to block shards during this event. The same some Enl players did (for different reason obviously but still). They played against NIA and so they played for Nemesis.

    Maybe its time to re-format the factions and allow Resistance to be what it expected to be? I don't want to think about Nemesis as just a couple of weird people with bags on their heads...

  • You bring up a valid point!

    There was a topic made by Res agent (on Reddit, or maybe here, I don't remember) that said precisely "Why are we fighting Nemesis?" Some other agent there responded that because humanity has been living surrounded by XM for all its history, it might be dangerous to shut down the portal network, since it might cause instabilities. So basically, Res agents should fight to uphold the existing balance and protect humanity, as they always say.

    But now, with Avenir shards and all the things you said... maybe it really is time to reform.

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    XM has always been around and has influenced human civilization from the very beginning. From my understanding, the core difference between the Resistance and Enlightened doesn't have to do with XM, but with how it is used and the influences of the "Shapers" have on human evolution. The Enlightened see the Shapers as benevolent beings who want to advance human civilization by allowing XM to directly influence the human mind. the Resistance view the Shapers with a great deal more skepticism and prefer to study XM use use technology to control XM on our own terms (such as freeing human minds from any external controls). I'm not exactly sure how the N'Zeer fit into all of this, but they sided with the Resistance because they also oppose the Shapers.

    Nemesis, however see XM as a direct threat to all and are attempting to destroy any XM related technology and remove any sensitivity people have to XM altogether.

  • Note that the resistance is made up of various factions. They're just working against enlightened as a common enemy, but as the lore spins out, Nemesis is the common enemy this time around.

    In the end it feels like to me whoever control the most minds wins. This is generally true for actual resistance group in real life, so I'd say the current state of RES is as realistic as it gets.

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    What if both Shapers and N'Zeer are the same creatures and the difference is just a fiction or even the whole their existence is just a way to mislead us and force to use XM?

    Someone (for example even ADA) decided increase teh XM influence and the best way to do it is to have two groups of people using portal network to fight each other. It's like selling weapons to both sides of conflict.

  • The resistance has been reduced to being Ada's puppets, and the N'Zeer seem to be big fans of AI. It's just in Ada's best interests to keep the portal network up if the end goal is to free the N'Zeer

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