[1218] Who killed Ken Owen, Ezekiel Calvin, Jay Phillips?

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As some of you may remember, Ken Owen was killed and found dead, shortly followed by the disappearance of Jay Phillips and Ezekiel Calvin in what's suspected to be an explosion.

Both events had huge consequences so it's important to look at who might be behind all of this. I've asked a number of Investigators for their insight and then created a list of possible Suspects.

As suspicion will get us no-where, I'm hereby asking all investigators to do a plausibility-check into the suspects.


  • 855
  • John "Ace" Hanke
  • ADA
  • Akira Tsukasa (checked by @MustafaSaid )
  • Twylla "the Acolyte" Klippe
  • Ben Jackland (checked by @CataCat )
  • Henri Bowles
  • Catherine Fan
  • Dr. Carrie Beth Campbell
  • Dr. Devra Bogdanovich
  • Edgar Allan Wright
  • Enoch Dalby
  • Dr. Ezekiel "Zeke" Calvin
  • Flint Dille
  • Henry "Hank" Johnson
  • Hubert Farlowe
  • Ilja Pevtsov
  • Jahan
  • Jay Phillips
  • Joanna Brandt
  • Ken Owen
  • Klue
  • Misty Hannah
  • Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolve
  • Omnivore
  • Henri Richard Loeb
  • Roland Jarvis
  • Shaw Henson
  • Susanna Moyer
  • Tycho
  • Verity Seke
  • Yuen Ni

Now, to clarify as to what a "plausibility-check" is. The goal is not to show why they didn't do it; the goal is HOW and WHY they may have done it, what they gained, any Aliby, Allies/Accomplices, Motives.

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