Trying to remove portal with bogus description?

Good evening,

An agent in my town recently had a portal approved very near their apartment in which they labeled an obvious counseling center as a church, and the description was a bunch of BS about Jesus, etc etc.

Anyway, due to the new Prime portal removal process, I am unable to describe in detail why this portal should be removed. What would be the best way to report it?


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    Try to post the same question at the other thread that talks about portals: Support and Feedback then scroll to 'Misc Portal Appeals Discussion'. It might gain more views there rather than in General section.

    Hope that helps! :D

    p/s: as per your inquiry, we here have seen a house/garden poses as a "XX minister's house" with only two agents seen capturing it so far, and a closed area that no one allowed to walk in it, (I do mean it no one, unless one of the security guards is an agent. The park has been closed indefinitely for everyone). We know. We tried to enter it recently.

    If it's accessible, I don't really care whose portal it was submitted from, but....I think I better stop my comment here.

    ... /shrugs

  • Okay! I was unsure, as I felt this was more a general music/query, but I will give that a try. Thank you

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    If the description is overly proselyting, you could start by submitting an edit for that. And once that gets fixed, it'll be easier to justify the removal of the portal.

  • Submit a removal request. Once it's declined, screenshot the rejection email and request another rejection, this time on the Portal Removal section of the forum. Since the second request is in the forum instead of the scanner, you can provide your arguments for removal, including attaching photos of nearby areas or photospheres.

    I'd suggest you interact with the forum, too. You need to be level 2 to post links and images. Granted you can just modify the link into something like h ttp instead of http, but still.

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