OperationWeGotThis (OWGT) - largest MU giga in North America

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Here's a quick overview. Full sitrep with a link to the photo album attached. Resistance nailed it!!!

###OperationWeGotThis (OWGT) Situation Report###

Total MU per layer: 55.6 million or more

Total layers: 18

Total MU: over 1 Billion

Field size: Largest total MU field in North America and last using scanner [REDACTED]

# of Onyx Illuminator badges: 4 

# of planes flown by agents: 1

# of mountains hiked: many (minus 1, thanks Enl) 

# of agents in a wheelchair at the anchor: 1

# of km traveled by one agent: 2,000 

# of 4-legged agents: 3

# of casualties: 2 (a piece of beef Jerky thanks to the pup & a 420-day Resistance guardian)

# of skunks being walked on a leash in OH: 1 (skunks need love too...see photo album)

# of agents participated: boots, key transporters, Intel Operators, and standbys: 200+

# of birthdays: 3 (Solfege9, VWThing, and Az4rius)

# of frog tears: countless


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