[Bug Report] Glyph Minigame Freezes Indefinitely

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Phone Model: iPhone XR

Software Version: 12.4

Model Number: MRY42B/A

Client Version: Ingress Prime 2.32.2-2101f14c

Service Provider: O2 (UK)

Bug Description: When glyph hacking a portal, the minigame hangs on the screen prior to the countdown. This screen allows you to input "more", "less", "simple" and "complex" glyphs to influence hack output, however upon completing a glyphs the minigame will not progress. The user is left indefinitely looking at the most recent glyph.

User Expectation: Glyph minigame remains responsive at all times.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzvs3yzDR5I

Repro Rate: 1-25%

Repro steps:

1) Open Ingress.

2) Walk to a portal.

3) Glyph hack the portal.

4) Enter the symbols "more" and "complex" on the introductory screen, before the glyph minigame countdown.

5) Observe that the countdown does not begin. The most recent glyph remains on screen.


Repeatedly glyphing a combination of "more" and "complex" on the introductory screen will eventually cause the minigame to progress.

This bug was never encountered using REDACTED on the same phone under the same service provider.

Backing out of the minigame will immediately award the player items from a normal hack, suggesting that this is not network related (unless glyph hack items are obtained via a seperate method/server?) This issue has been observed with 4/4 bars connectivity to service provider.

Additionally, this issue is seen when on a reliable home Wifi connection.

Anecdotally, this issue seems to occur more often after 5+ minutes of play. It is rarely immediately seen. The longer the play session, the more likely it appears to occur (but could just be user bias).

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  • I get this sometimes too. I would estimate it happens less than 10% of the time, but definitely is noticeable. I am playing on an Android Samsung S10e Model SM-G970U on Sprint,

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