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I am a relative new Player, coming from PoGo (which was mostly for my children - Never had any PoGo in my past - Only level 30), and HPWU - Which I liked better because I could relate to the story - But soon got boring.

Found out the easiest way to get new pokestops / WU Inns was Ingress, so I started there. Now I am level 8, and on the way to level 10. But I really like the game, and the excercise stuff is healthy, but I must admit to driving small extra trips on way to work and back.

One thing that annoyed me as a low level player was playing under someone elses huge Field, really limits you. Now I can take them down if the corners are not that far away. Even as level 6, I took down portals with dual aegis shields to get points. Now, if fields decayed faster depending on their area, we would have a different game, better for beginners in many areas. 100km2 could decay in half the time. Or maybe make it dependent on the length of the sides. It is easy enough to take down portals. But getting there poses a logistics problems for people without a car. So say 1000+km worth of sides would last 4 hours only without more XM. Or maybe that would help the Recharger medal too much ?

The other idea is about rural portals. We have too few of that. Including our local forrest/park popular for walk/run/bike. We need relaxed requirements if a portal submission is say 500m from the nearest portal. Or if Niantic could add road crossings, or other things automaticly, like local hilltops etc.

Or local forrest just touching city limits has 4 portals in a 2x1 km area. All 4 near the asphalt road through the forrest. One of them is just in a patch of forrest, no manmade object there (except the planted trees). But I am not going to try to get it removed. You need to exit the car to get in range. Roadcrossings in such an area should fine, or natural features like a big boulder, or a named hilltop. The red wooden gates blocking car entry is a candidate, but are near the roads. I want more in walking distance. These are great as anchors, as they can live long, as most players do not get out of the car.

Been doing lots of orienteering as a child (running with map and compass), so for me finding natural features are part of the trip in the forrested area.


  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭

    The portal submission requirements are already pretty low, to go and make road crossings, or unidentified natural features wouldn't help but make the quality of Ingress worse. Not everything is should be a portal, and also by the nomination it should be identifiable. Keep working your way up the ladder of access levels and you'll get access to nominations yourself, I believe its L12 now, and you would also get access to OPR, which is the ability to review nominations (there is a test). Keep at it and submit candidates according to the guide. There could be locations people missed, or have been created long ago since the last person that submitted those locations.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Natural Features are specifically verboten unless you are submitting a guide sign pointing them out or naming them. If your trail has markers they may be eligible. If your hilltop has a geodetic marker that may also be eligible. Good luck.

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    Great job leveling up to 8!

    If I had a suggestion, it would be level up to 12 so you can take the OPR reviewer test. You'd become one of the people who approves/rejects portal submissions. A lot of areas have portals take months to become approved because of lack of reviewers so if you become a reviewer you can shorten that wait time.

    Another option is to reach out on the comms ask an ingress player in your area to check out a local park or area for possible submissions. Many are willing to help (especially for an agent on the same team) and usually if you want them to keep helping all you need to do is buy them a drink!

  • I would also recommend lvling up to 12. Submissions do help, but reviewing helps more. It definitely helps clear submissions in your area and will in the long run help your submissions go through faster. When it comes to submitting, now is a good time to start studying the guidelines. Also, reach out to area agents and see if you can get into an OPR/submissions group to learn more. Being that we do not have a comprehensive set of guidelines with all the details from past AMAs, these guys should be able to help you with making sure you have good submissions and reviewing habits once you gain access. While you are out lvling, you can also scout out good portal candidates. You should also download the google street view app, and the sheets app. When you find these candidates you can photosphere them with the street view app, which will help verify your candidates existence; this definitely helps because street view and the overhead maps that reviewers use to check submissions aren’t always up to date. This will help you get an extra star or two in the location category; which can make all the difference. With the sheets app, you can copy the coordinates of the candidate locations and log what they are, so that once you can submit you’ll have an easy way to remember where they all are(you can share access to area agents who can help with submissions as well). Saving those coordinates is an easy thing to do with google maps. If you drop a pin on the location it will give you the exact coordinates. If you’re sharing, an agent can copy them and paste them into google maps and get directions directly to it. Also, it is good to check and see if certain things like churches and other valid candidates have correct google pins that are visible to reviewers. There are a lot of times that they do not, or the google pin is out of date(for example, a new church is there and what was there before was not a church). Hopefully these tips will help you help your community.

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