Constant Speedlock

I play in a rural location so I normally bounce from town to town with miles and hours in between play. Since Redacted was retired, speed lock is a constant battle beyond the normal 5 minute wait period. Now it appears to be 30 or 45 minutes before I again play at all. Sadly, it's not just a weird artifact during the retirement period. Instead it is consistently active no matter if I keep Prime open or force close it.

In an urban center, it wouldn't matter too much but would be annoying. In rural areas where you travel 20+ miles to the next set of portals only to be confronted with "Scanner Communication Errors" even in good signal the costs and time escalate.

I doubt seriously that it's just me. Is this the big **** toward rural agents? If not, it would sure be nice if the QA department could start verifying all play aspects rather than whatever minuscule testing they have in place for Ingress changes.


  • Yeah this is the one thing with Prime that is really annoying to me(hopefully they will fix it) is that of you minimize the app in one place and drive to another it will still think you're in the first place when opened up again before whipping to your new location. As a rural player myself I've learned that closing the app and driving to the portal and reopening it solves the problem. Alternatively the speed limit cap is 45 mph so you can drive at that or just below that speed and you shouldn't get locked.

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    I am also a rural player. As previously mentioned, you must exit the app out entirely before moving to your next target before relaunching the app or have the app up the entire time while traveling at speeds less than 45mph, anything else will cause the app itself to soft lock you.

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