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I am the only active Agent in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) area and I want to develop the web of portals here. I sent many requests of new portals but... none of them were accepted or denied. Because of none of agents are checking portals at my Intel cell. I think that portals appeals must be given randomly, no difference where they are. Or... I don't know, but it have to be solved, I guess.


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    I've ran into the same issue when submitting in the Middle East in certain countries. I had 5 of the candidates upgraded, haven't had responses for even the oldest among them which is over 2 months now. I contacted the Niantic support feature and they emailed me that I must wait for more reviews on my candidates since they haven't reached a decision. I doubt I will ever get a response though because for 200km there was only one active player within the last 3 days and the nearest portal to me at the time was around 40km to me in one of the most populated cities in this country.

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    @nia_casey @NianticScot could you help with this kind of issues? There are countries with all the submit waiting for review because there are not enough agents L12 to review portals.

  • List your cell numbers, my bonus location is resetting soon and it's time I tried somewhere else for 12 months... might as well be somewhere it's needed.

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    It seems a forum has already been created for this

    community.ingress. com/en/discussion/568/areas-without-enough-active-opr-reviewers-where-to-change-bonus-location#latest

  • Turkmenistan, Ashgabat. I don't really know Ingress name of my Cell. So, there are 100-200 portal candidates in Turkmenistan. Check it out.

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