Capsule manage button disappears and requires restart of prime

In build 2.32.2 several of us are having the same bug appear. The "manage" button disappears when in the capsule view screen. Unlike other cases when it disappears but will reappear if the area of the screen is tapped, it only reappears if prime is restarted.



  • I have lost the "manage" button in two different ways. In one, the button does not appear, but is there. Possibly rendered in the background color? If you tap the area that it should be, it takes you to the management view. In the other, the button does not appear and tapping in its area does nothing.

    Sadly, I do not recall what I have done that has brought the button back, other than restarting the app. (Which, of course, takes too long.)

  • +1. I lose the button a lot. but I spend a lot of time in my inventory.

    In general, the inventory freezes on me a lot. 80% of the time I'm scrolling through keys to find something to recharge, or moving them in/out of capsules so I don't have to scroll through quite so many.

  • any extensive micromanaging of capsules, key capsules, etc, makes it do this. Restarting (shouldn't have to, but does) fix the problem.

  • +1

    It happens to me as well so many times.

  • Yeah eventually it just stops showing up on whatever item(s) you're managing. I remember dropping 2-300 mid-range resonators individually one day as I walked and had to restart a few times in the process.

  • I have to restart the game when I loose the manage function while in my inventory searching through capsules. This happens a few times a day.

  • An issue for several people in my community as well.

  • I have this problem too. I created a separate bug report for it because this thread didn't show up when I searched for "manage".

  • NamlhatNamlhat ✭✭✭

    I've had this happen several times. Only solution is to restart the app.

  • This bug still happening in 2.35.2

    Capsule manage button disappear.

  • I was playing yesterday and had to move keys in and out of a key locker to clear up inventory space/make fields. The manage button went away multiple times and I had to restart the game to get it back. It is a super annoying bug!

    This is with v2.35.2

  • I get this on a rare occasion. It happens after a LOT of inventory organization and management, leading me to believe it has to do with a cache issue. It takes me a LOOOONG time, but my sons play on older phones with lower RAM and it doesn't take them long to experience the missing buttons.

  • Still failing in the latest update: 2.36.1. Been going on for how many updates? 4?

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