"Hey, ENL/RES PUTPLACEHERE, I am here for a visit!"

Ingress is a global game...So why don't we start an exchange (like exchange student, but we're an agent and it's a short visit) .

Should no one answered your public/faction comm when you're visiting a country OR just moved to a new area, copy paste your message in-comm in this thread, with/without the screenshot, so other agents that is nearby who might miss your message, can see it here.


For example:

Oct 1 2019

5:37PM Qu4rd: Hello, Singapore agents! I am from Malaysia. Anyone up for a meet up/yumcha?

[screenshot here if you want]


This idea has came up a long time ago, when I timidly answered @57Cell 's comm on public chat and we got to meet him at the airport before his flight departed! Thanks for the knowledge shared, ****!

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