[Gameplay Feedback] Unusable keys carousel due to design

kuprumkuprum ✭✭✭
edited October 2019 in App Feedback (Archive)

The vertical carousel of the keys instead of the old horizontal one basically sucks. Recharging is tedious for a serie of reasons.

  1. Going to the "charge" needs lot of clicks and loading.
  2. Carousel it's slow to scroll and if you try a bit faster scrolling it jumps in the middle of keys,
  3. ~95% (*) of the portal images that should help to identify the portal at glance are ugly, because almost photos are taken vertically 3:4 or 9:16 and the carousel cuts them to fit into 4:3(or 16:9?) format automatically and shows not significant details (doors, walls, partial subjects) or the background (trees and sky) depending on zoom. Why you ask us to take good pics if you ruin them cutting them?

Please look how better was the redacted carousel instead of this one and change it to an horizontal one.

(*) I have 33 accettable cuts / ~600 keys,


  • At minimum, carousel or back and next arrows are desperately needed from key recharge window to eliminate needless extra steps.

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