[Category Request] Fanfiction

LucoireLucoire ✭✭

As some people already know, I'm a passionate writer of short and long stories. To build a home for the Ingress themed ones as well as invite others to focus their creativity I'd like a separate category for them.

Alternatively a "Fancreation" to also include physical creations like swag


  • I second this motion.

    I just wrote elsewhere how I find the ingame lore a bit ****. The whole "Prime/multiverse" thing however does open itself for fanfic, and not just that but fanfic to be "legit enough" to enter canon (eg: Coruscant in Star Wars, which was originally fanfic made). I myself toyed with the idea of an Ingress fanfic blog, but it was a lot darker and post-cyberpunk (as in more like William Gibson's later work) than the ingame story. Plus creativity of any kind should be welcomed in any community.

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