Feature request: more text in white lettering

I fully understand the appeal of red, purple, gray, blue, and green text, but a lot of that isn't necessary.

For example:

Portal location addresses in gray lettering on a black field.

"inaccurate location" in red lettering on a black field.

Current badge progress in red lettering on a black field.

Distance to portals in purple lettering on a black field.

"L" for level next to level number of color-coded items also color coded to yellow, orange, red, purple, etc.

All of that could be in white letters.

Faction specific info is still the traditional blue and green, which I think is reasonable.

I've noticed a lot of complaints about prime causing headaches. Perhaps part of that is due to eye strain, and not just the other aspects of terrible design we've been complaining about.

Niantic claims to be interested I. Location based games because it gets people out walking, but to do so, they use cell phones.

With the sun out, and sun glasses on, it can be a real challenge to read anything that isn't a white/black contrast.

Maybe if we could see what was written on the screen, we would enjoy playing more.

Please sir, could we have more white lettering?

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