Nearby Activity Report should be faction colored

The main map screen devotes two lines at the top to showing recent nearby Activity (capture, link). This would be more useful if they were faction colored instead of white.



  • Yes, yes, and thrice yes.

    IMHO the most important two bits of information to see at a glance are agent faction and agent name, with portal actually being less important than those two. Similarly, the alerts log needs to show agent name - depending on who's hitting a given portal it's often possible to determine whether it's likely to be an isolated drive-by, a proper attack, or a clearout for something big, so having that info at a glance would be very useful indeed.

  • I agree, and I miss the agent names too. It encourages me to see who’s currently active in the area. (As I usually walk around in the wee hours of the night :P)

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