Bug compass only works for phones with compasses

Not every phone is equipped with magnetometers. Lower end phones do not have them.

With scanner redacted, and pokemon Go, the compass arrow is oriented with regards to the map, and rotates with the map regardless of whether or not the phone can detect magnetic north.

On my phone that I use to play Ingress, on Ingress prime, the compass icon always points up, regardless of map orientation, despite the fact that the compass works fine in redacted and pokemon go. I've discussed this with a few fellow agents, and some of them experience a similar issue.

With prime, it appears that the compass only orients to the map on phones that ha e built in magnetometers.



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    The cost of magnetometer, on bulk, is trivially tiny

    Many budget mobiles have them.

    Recommend, saving and getting a better mobile

  • Sellers rarely know which phone does or does not have a magnetometer.

    Compass feature works fine for all other games. Magnetometer should have no effect on telling game where north is on their own maps.

    Recommend not poverty-shaming other players.

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    Wizards Unite, Jurassic World, walking dead, all require magnetometers.

    Cannot have a compass without it

  • Pokemon go has a compass which works on this phone. No magnetometer required.

    Redacted had a compass which worked on this phone. No magnetometer required.

    Prime has a compass which does not work on this phone. Others claim it works the same for them as does the compass on redacted and pokemon go.

    If the map can show the orientation of the roads in relation to each other, it can show the orientation of north in relation to the roads. No magnetometer required.

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    Redacted required a magnetometer

    Pokémon GO requires a magnetometer

    You may be confused with direction of travel. Which based upon the last GPS coordinates, which creates a forward vector.

  • No. I am not confusing the compass with the direction of travel. Below, I will post four screen shots, all taken from the same position.

  • In this screen shot, I have just opened pokemon go from a particular location. In the upper right corner is a compass. Red for north, black for south.

    The game opens with north towards the top. This same behavior occurs in Ingress Prime.

  • The first image shows pokemon Go, as it appears when I first load it from this location. There is a road running across the top of the screen, and in the top right corner is a compass arrow. Red for North is up. White for south is down. The black woman is my avatar, and she turns to face direction of travel if I move significantly.

    The second image shows Ingress Prime, as it appears when I first load the game. Again, there is a road running across the top of the screen. The same road, because I loaded these from the same position. In the top right is a compass. Red for north points up, grey for south points down. The yellow arrow is my avatar, which... due to another bug, always points north in this game.

    The third picture is again pokemon Go, from the same location. I've turned the map slightly,so the road runs top to bottom, curving off to the left near a pokestop. The compass in the top right reflects this rotation. The red north side is now pointing to the left, and the white south side is now pointing to the right.

    The fourth picture is again ingress prime from the same location. I've turned the map, about the same as in pokemon go. The road now runs up and down, curving slightly towards a distant portal. The avatar now points to the left of the screen. But in this fourth picture, the gray and red compass arrow has not moved.

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    That is the direction of travel.

    Better test is to place the device on a flat table,

    Open the game

    Rotate the device, your avatar will turn

    But it won't, because you don't have a magnetometer

  • Are we both talking about the RED AND GREY arrows on the top right of the screen in ingress, the one that toggles compass rotation on and off?

    Are you saying that icon is supposed to be direction of travel? Because I guarantee that is the compass.

  • Now, paying attention to the COMPASSS icon in the top right, let us note that in pokemon go, the compass icon turns when the map turns, so that it is always pointing north. A magnetometer is not needed, because the compass shows north on the map. Any 2d map has X-Y coordinates, and the compass just indicates the x axis.

    Now, consider the Ingress prime map. It too has X-Y coordinates, because all maps have them. But also, because it is using the exact same server and data that pokemon go uses.

    Do not confuse yourself by talking about the arrow shaped avatar, or mentioning direction of travel. Focus your attention on the red arrows in the corners of the screen shots.

    In pokemon go images 1 and 3, the compass arrow turns when I turn the map, even using a phone with no magnetometer. In ingress prime images 2 and 3. The compass arrow does not turn, even though I have turned the map.

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    No, redacted did NOT REQUIRE a magnetometer. It allowed the user to orient the map manually, and all other gameplay was unchanged.

  • Neither redacted nor pokemon go require a magnetometer to show the compass direction of the map on the map. Nor is it required for direction of travel, as that can be inferred from two GPS positions. Direction of character might use a magnetometer at some times, for some games, but doing so would have nothing to do with the compass headings on a map, which are intrinsic to the construction of a map.

    And again, I'm not even asking about direction of travel. My concern us with the compass for the map... and that worked just fine on every phone I ever used in both Redacted, and pokemon go. Why should it suddenly require a working magnetometer for a new version of ingress using the same platform as pokemon go?

    Also, even if I am somehow confusing an icon shaped like a compass arrow for something else, why doesnt that icon work the same as it worked in pokemon go and ingress, when I'm using the exact same phone?

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    The North vector may be "normal" to you, but it isn't a compass, a compass requires a direction and bearing.

    To get your bearing, you need to Rotate.

    Your avater will do the same.

    The "dynamic compass" will always orientate you to your bearing. That will ONLY work with a magnetometer.

    Redacted had this too.

    It is exactly the same in pogo, wizards unite, and virtually all ARGs that I have played. Too many to list here.

  • The compass rose on the map should rotate with the map do that it can show north with reference to the map.

    That is the bug I am complaining about. The compass doesn't rotate when I rotate the map, do I have no idea which part of the map is north.

    All your other nonsense and doublespeak doesnt matter to me, AND IS WRONG.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    No Double speak, but as you pointed out here, you have verified that your avatar does not rotate, because you do not have a magnetometer.

    The compass rose, is not the same as your bearing. I have stated this like a dozen times.

    Tried to assist you that there is not an issue with the game, or any of Niantic's games with regards to compass bearings, which require the magnetometer.

    If you mean something else, please provide a video




    The compass rose is the problem. It does not indicate north with reference to the map on my phone in ingress prime despite the fact that it does in pokemon go

  • Here's a special video for my special friend Grogyan.

    Remeber: I'm talking about a problem with the COMPASS ROSE, not the avatar.

    Try to pay attention to the compass rose, and how it doesn't rotate in prime, but it does rotate in pokemon go.

    Remember: The Compass rose is the thing with the red arrow in the top right hand corner of the screen.

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    Looks like you can't upload animated GIFs here. Might be worth asking about in Community Feedback.

  • Any fix in sight? Clearly pokemon Go doesnt need a magnetometer to see where North is on the map.

  • I think I understand the issue, although I haven't looked at the screenshots.

    It's that your phone's compass would passively turn and always point north if you manually moved the scanner round. But Prime now has the compass fixed to show North constantly as being directly ahead even if you rotate the scanner.

    Previously, Redacted and Pogo must use the same passive compass system where when you turn the scanner manually, it turns the compass. But OP is not talking about the active compass, where you simply turn your body around and the compass moves - because that's obviously impossible on their phone.

    Surprised there are many smartphones out there that have gps and no magnetometer, but there are always edge cases ey?!

  • Niantic troubleshoot still thinks it's a problem with where the avatar is pointing.

    My game style requires the use of a compass for the map; one of the reasons I wasnt going to touch prime till I had to.

    Getting the compass on the map to point to north on the map is the most critical issue for me.

    Telling a user that their issue is not important is a sure way to lose players.

  • What's most frustrating is that the compass rose has only one job: show north WITH REFERENCE TO THE MAP.

    There should be no connection between the presence or absence of a magnetometer, and the function of the compass rose it isn't showing North in the real world, its showing digital North on the digital map.

    But someone connected the function of the compass rose to a magnetometer, and now, when I say there's a problem with the compass that only affects players without magnetometers, they assume that I can't understand my own phone.

  • 2.39.3

    The compass rose still does not rotate to indicate North.

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