Colorado Resistance

If you're in Colorado and trying to find your Resistance teammates, message us here!


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    Instagram: roc.ingress

  • I see the website for the ROC. But can we still talk here as well? I only ask because currently I'm a resistance player in Colorado but at the moment I just wanted to touch base with other resistance players, not necessarily get involved with an organized group.

  • Hello! We're not really that organized, we just have a small slack community and a visitors Telegram channel, but of course you can talk here, just be aware it may be awhile before any of us see this (you posted Oct 19th and it's now Nov 15th), and also that this is not a secure chat. If you do decide you want to join us in slack, we do require a quick face to face meeting just to make sure you're a blue agent and to go over our community rules, but that's it.

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