#Op KillShot!!! - Enlightened Tamilnadu

Total Mu Over 201 Million Mu

6 Layers From Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu,India.

Each layer averaging 33.5 mil MU

OP Plan : @StrikingStorm

Cross links clearance : @Legendsmasher @thalaAkas

OP Execution : @MerXcoolZ @StrikingStorm @TheCbeSaiyajin

Credits goes to @TROUBL3L3AD3R and @SpyDerr for keys 👍👍👍

#Enl_CBE #Enl_TN

@EnlightenedTamilNadu 💐

Cloud Album Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/f7QTHmFR4cUYmGoG6



  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    Great job, agents!

    Now, lets do more of that ^_^

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