Thank you Redacted Scanner

Well ... we are a few hours from Scanner Redacted closure, and in turn my retirement as an agent.

But not! I won't complain about prime here, unfortunately my phone doesn't support it so I won't be able to play after the transition. My Samsung J5 can't open the game.

When I downloaded the ticket during the fourth year anniversary week, my birthday medal is bronze.

From then on, I was enchanted. Wherever I went, whenever I had a portal, I would capture, always looking at each person with some other phone in hand. "Is he playing?"

When I met other agents, my game incredibly expanded. Keys I never thought I would have, I have. Fields that I never thought of closing, I closed. Places I never thought I'd visit, I visited.

At this end of the journey, I thank everyone who helped me from the low levels until now, the friends I made.

Maybe I'll be back in the future when I can buy a better phone than the one I'm using. I really wish Niantic could create a Lite version of prime so I could play, or even a low performing button,

Nonetheless, I thank Niantic for creating this game that gave me many experiences I would never have imagined.



Codename: MarllonGTA

Faction: Resistence

Nivel: 14

AP: 19.398.743

Recursion: 0 Times

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