Things I will miss from Redacted (feature parity unmet)

Prime is coming along well and has many great features. It’s my daily-driver for Ingress now. But it’s still not at feature parity with Redacted.

Things I’ll miss from Redacted:

  1. 7s reliable startup time. Vital at anomalies, or ops, etc.. Prime takes 15-60s variable to reach interactivity, even on the latest, fastest iPhone 11 and Pixel 3, in otherwise ideal conditions of GPS and connectivity. It’s slower and less predictable at startup than Pokemon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards United, despite both being more complex games using the same platform!
  2. Tap-portal-tap-map to trigger rescan&inventory check on demand. Vital at anomalies and other contested spaces for exchanging kit via timed drop&collect.stull nothing like it in Prime.
  3. Turbo-loader button for putting all items in cans, not just for loading keys or unloading cans.
  4. The item filter menu, with amounts. Filtering on item types meant the carousel couldn’t accidentally scroll too far, made swiping to access items more precise and quick and let you manage inventory amounts at a glance.
  5. Compactness of text in comms&actions (3x greater in Redacted!). Smoothness and responsiveness of text scrolling. Not constantly flicking to bottom while scrolling up looking for tactical readouts. 
  6. Sharing profile as an image with all mission badges opened up. Neither client works beyond a certain number, which is lamentable for serious missioneers.
  7. Keeping the current place in the mission list when requesting more, so there’s no guesswork and less scrolling.
  8. Smarter handling of focus position in the inventory when loading or unloading whole stacks of items from cans or when using up the last of a rank of reso/bursted/cube.
  9. The middle peg on the glyph board being less grabby of lines drawn horizontally just above and below it. Prime glyphing is still very different in feel from Redacted. The pegs are generally less forgiving in Prime.
  10. The portals on the main map in Prime are simultaneously less forgiving when on their own on the map and less precise when close together than in Redacted.
  11. The discrimination popup of adjacent portals/keys on the map in Prime places the icons so far apart as to slow urgent play down to a stop. Redacted is more pragmatic and shows the options close to the portals/items that you’re tapping on/near.
  12. Redacted had a separate vibrate option for general vibration and vibration for glyphing specifically. That was useful.
  13. It’s still hugely faster to flip through keys on Redacted than on Prime and it’s one-hand-able because the carousel-scroll is horizontal not vertical.
  14. Looking at other agents mission badges, you see more than just the last 10 on Redacted. 
  15. Smooth scrolling and responsiveness of everything: settings, character sheet, keys. Even on iPhone 11/Pixel 3, Prime feels sluggish and jerky. Redacted feels smooth and swift.
  16. Visual clarity of Redacted is still, generally, better. Prime’s improving, but the constant flickering and shimmering of inventory items and the chromatic aberration filter on the map makes life really hard for people with various vision and neurological problems, including age, flicker sensitivity, photosensitive epilepsy and frankly also people with slow phones, which is All Of Us at the moment.
  17. Prime started out not putting field colour directly on the map. A great step forward to keeping the map visible even under heavily layered fields. Now it’s gone backward. (Ooh, something I won’t miss about Redacted!)
  18. Redacted works in combat and contested environments.. Prime isn’t reliable. During the Ipswich Field Test, even hours before it started, while Asia was running theirs, Prime repeatedly failed to connect, stopped responding randomly, when it finally worked at all, and frequently gave the dreaded “Error loading Ingress account data”. Redacted just kept on working. The support chat at the time was useless and frustratingly patronising, as if they were unaware of the Field Test event and the problems everyone was experiencing. I fear for the Umbra Anomalies without the fall-back option of Redacted.
  19. When running a mission, glyph-hacking in Prime fails to advance the mission, though tap-hacking usually works. When it fails to advance a mission there’s no way to force a resync other than a restart of the app, which takes 30s on average. This mounts up very quickly! Redacted didn’t have so many problems in missions in the first place, had the tap-portal-tap-map refresh, the Force Resync and a full app restart reliably only took a small fraction of the time that Prime does.
  20. Bursters seem to take 4s on Prime, 3s on Redacted.
  21. There’s no ‘Navigate to..’ on the map or on portals in Prime. This is vital for handling some any-order missions or for rapidly finding your way to specified portals in densely portalled areas in Anomalies or Mission Days.

I’m gonna really miss you buddy.


  • Oh, and location smoothing. Really miss that too.

  • Thanks cmaxxen for putting here almost all the things i will really miss of Redacted.

    All this needs to be added/fixed really soon to keep ingress the fun game we all enjoy.

  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Of all the things mentioned Navigate to portal and startup time are the ones the most people are pointing out as a huge parity gap.

  • Unless your phone is equipped with a magnetometer from the factory, the compass arrow always points to the top of the screen rather than indicating compass north.

    The map does not include rail lines

  • I’ll miss the clean button feedback animations. The new ones are headache inducing and make prime more like a badly designed mobile game and not something that an agent would use in the field

  • thesolothesolo ✭✭✭✭✭

    The vertical key carousel is useless; the images are so large that you can only see 2-3 keys at a time, and cannot easily scroll through them. I don't know why that change was made, but I am really going to miss Redacted's horizontal version.

  • thesolothesolo ✭✭✭✭✭

    Oh, and don't forget the fact that long links actually rendered in Redacted. If it's one thing we learned from shards, it's that once you cross the 1400+ km mark, Prime just won't show links. Makes it horrendous for large ops.

  • Capturing portal - begin with some grade resonator (doesn't matter which). Another portal capture and first resonator to place is different from previous portal...

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    Make sure you're differentiating Feature Parity (the ability to do things) and Functional Parity (the ability to do things using the same method).

    #1 - This is a usability issue. Prime does start up (feature), but its slower (usability/function).

    #2 - This is implemented and has been for some time.

    #3 - This is an intentional change, even if we as players don't agree with it. Need to lobby for them to add it and provide logic on how far the selection would go when hitting the button. We originally had it, and it was actively removed.

    #4 - This is functional parity not feature parity. You can see each category and the count of items in that category, and you can see the total of items. Prime extended this by adding both more categories and separating key counts out explicitly on the map (as well as giving you that count on the map).

    #5 - Functional Parity

    #6 - Feature Parity unmet, but its still on the list and the share option is nominally available.

    #7,8,9,10,11,12,13 - Functional Parity - These are all usability issues that need to be addressed, but aren't failures in feature parity.

    #14 - Intentional change. Feature parity is maintained by being able to see people's badges, but they intentionally limited it for privacy.

    #15,16 - Functional Parity - These are all usability issues that need to be addressed, but aren't failures in feature parity.

    #17 - That's a massive difference of opinion. Ask anyone who saw the 2.3 version how layered fields looked, in the sky. Putting fields directly onto the 2D base is an improvement for clarity in position. They need to work on scaling of layer brightness, and for example, cap it at no change after 4 fields, like Redacted, but it's not an issue of Feature Parity being unmet.

    #18 - Functional Parity - These are all usability issues that need to be addressed, but aren't failures in feature parity.

    #19 - That's a bug...

    #20 - They're identical side by side in terms of the actual effect. The visual animation is laggy but again that's a bug not an intentional change.

    #21 - This is a Feature unmet, agreed. They've partly provided it by allowing a copy and paste of address, but that is bad because it's not the GPS coordinates.

    So in terms of feature parity unmet, it's the Agent Share screenshot, and an in-game navigation, both of which have temporary partial workarounds. The other one that's missing which you didn't list, is the Widget on Android phones, but again it's workaround is open the game and click Scoring.

    Prime has plenty of usability issues and changes the method by which you do or see things, but all of the features aside from those mentioned, have been met.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    If they changed the copy/paste to gos coordinates instead of physical address that would be nominal.

  • I'll miss the ability to submit portal location edits, as i'm not lv 12 yet...

  • Don't forget WearOS support!

    (I get it… nobody likes WearOS anyway)

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