+ 1 year to move a portal?

It's been over a year since I asked for some portals to be moved to totally wrong locations. I have made further requests but I have never received any reply email. But why? Wouldn't it be in Niantic's interest to have portals in the correct positions?



  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    You've only waited 1 year? I've been waiting 3+ years for several portal moves. A couple of which I finally had to go through the support site to get moved to the correct locations.

  • At this moment, I have never received any reply.

  • You've obviously never done OPR.

    Location (and title/description) edits are reviewed by players. We get a Google satellite and two (or more) pins asking which location is more accurate. We don't know which is the original and which is the edit. We don't get substantiation. Sometimes they are two buildings without names on Google on opposite sides of a town. Sometimes they are a pavilion with the pin on opposite sides of the structure itself.

    Also, if there are multiple location edits, we see all of them. I'm assuming Niantic is looking for one to have a supermajority vote, but when multiple locations are available where several of the options are correct, that's never going to get moved.

    Edits in OPR are broken and frankly never going to happen. If you believe the current location is unsafe, use the Pokemon GO website and it will be edited in a matter of minutes.

  • I have already written to PoGo about the issue of unsafe portals and they replied that they cannot do anything. Or alternatively I must send sheets with trademarks and logos ... but these portals do not concern public or private structures.

    All these negations for a simple change (100-200 meters displacement) seems to me exaggerated!

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