Mission waypoints not advancing in Prime?

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So I was trying to do some missions in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, last night, with Prime, and I was having issues with it not advancing to the next waypoint after I had did whatever task it was wanting me to do. I'm not sure if was due to the relatively poor cell signal/bandwidth in the area. But if I switched to Redacted, I had no problems. Has anyone else seen this problem in Prime? Seeing as the next round of Anomalies and Mission Days are coming up, this might be problem. Otherwise the functionality in Prime is mostly okay for me, I have trying to use it more, but this was the more serious **** situation I've run into, lately.



  • So I've heard that this problem can be mitigated by restarting Prime, and you just have to keep doing that over and over again. So I guess there is a "fix", at least.

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    This happens when you leave the map screen (to portal screen, attack mode, use cubes) while waiting for the hack of the mission portal to register or when doing a glyph hack of the mission portal and not leaving the glyph screen fast enough.

    Prime 2.31 has a new "checkmark" animation after hacking the mission portal. When this animation is not shown because the map screen is not active, then this bug happens. Workaround is to not glyph hack during missions and to wait for the checkmark animation to appear before doing anything else after hacking the mission portal.

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