Umbra Anomaly Ticketing - promo codes

Agents are a bit unsure about promo codes. NIA support stated that only the account that paid for the umbra ticket will be awarded with the medal. Friends who used the promo codes will not get medals

My understanting of the NIA statement was that promo code is equal to the paid ticket.

NIANTIC, can you clarify please?



  • In the post they make a difference between two types of tickets, free and paid.

    There is no mention of a third kind of ticket paid ticket without a badge, promo code says Paid ticket.

    F* this is confusing

  • NianticOfficial also says ”code for a friend”.

    We received two codes. Should I use one myself and give one away? Should I give away both?

    At every official Niantic reference I can find they only mention giving away ONE code.

  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien ✭✭✭✭✭

    This plus bizarre playboxes does not give me confidence.

  • Hey guys, just a question regarding offsite participation. I have purchased a offsite ticket, but I am unsure about codes and decrypting them to get my medal. Does anyone here know what we'll need to do and how to obtain the info required? Many thanks

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    Coordinate with your faction. Both factions have their own websites where you have to register and can then specify that you want to help with decrypting codes.

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