Mission List in 2.31

First congrats on the modified mission list in 2.31. With the sorting by distance or name, it is now after my experience of playing missions over the last days even better than the one in Redacted.

Here are some ideas for further improvements I would like to see;

  1. Since the list is now always sorted by distance or name and not in the order as returned by the server, it makes no sense to have the button to load more missions at the end of the list. Instead. show the button always at a fixed position outside the scrolling list.
  2. When new missions are loaded, don't scroll anywhere automatically but keep the list so that the first mission currently shown at the top of the screen remains there. For example, if I have the list sorted by name and am looking for "MD" missions and have already scrolled to some "MD" missons, I want to see the newly loaded "MD" missions on the screen instead of having the game scroll down to the "Z" missions.
  3. Show the state of the "Load more missions" button to reflect that the button was pressed and that the client is currently actively waiting for new missions from the server. In Redacted, the button text changes to "Loading..." in this case.
  4. Use natural sorting (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_sort_order) when sorting by name, so that for example "Mission 2/12" is sorted before "Mission 11/12". Google finds a lot of C# implementations of how to do natural sorting.

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