Receiving Avenir Shard #7 - The Interpreter - Church of the Sea from Twin Rocks

I was on the other end of MightyBaker's excellent work watching over the portal receiving The Interpreter - Church of the Sea.,-4.4918&z=17&pll=53.18554,-4.4918

Having only properly started playing Ingress this year, this was my first experience of shards so I was keen to get in on the action although it meant a couple of hours drive either way (dragging my kids with me). Originally we had hoped to get The Interpreter to Twin Rocks at 6am but unfortunately traffic restrictions prevented that. (Not sure if the agent who was involved wants to do his own sitrep so I'll leave it at that).

That meant I didn't have to be out so early, but also meant that due to fear of blockers the outward link to Church of the Sea from the subsequent portal on the route was set up early, so I didn't get to capture it and see the shard irl on a blue portal. But I was there and ready with my Jarvis (and a friendly Frog not too far away who I could have called on) if needed! It was my first visit to this absolutely beautiful portal, and fortunately the tide times were in our favour and I was able to cross to it without getting wet feet! No other agents showed up to potentially frustrate our Xfac plans, so I was able to admire the church and then watch The Interpreter arrive safe and sound.

My kids hadn't been very enthusiastic as the car journey dragged on, but when I shared MightyBaker's video of the shard on Twin Rocks they got very excited and grouped with me round my phone to see The Interpreter arrive. I definitely don't regret my decision, it was a truly beautiful place to chill for an hour or so and enjoy the sun and the coastal breeze (and I had no mountain to climb and a much shorter walk!), and most of all it was awesome to watch the shard arrive actually on my game!

Unfortunately I couldn't stay to watch over departure as that would have meant kids would have been out too far past their bedtime by the time we got home, so I handed over responsibility for that to the aforementioned local friendly Frog.


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