Parity request: AP actions not visible in comm log

In redacted, performing an action in the scanner would result in the AP gain being shown in the comm log.

This was very useful for many things, e. determining if you got a glyph sequence right.

Could an agents own actions be shown in the activities pane in prime?

Ingress Prime Version: 2.31.2

OS Version: Android 9


  • I definitely miss this feature.

  • NamlhatNamlhat ✭✭✭

    Yes, please add this back into the activity comm. Seems to be a parity feature that has been completely overlooked.

  • An other missing feature of the activity log: the actual time you did your last hack of a given potal.

    It is quite borring to hack and fail, moreover when the failure message showing the remaining cooldown time is hidden beind the last hack loot stacked pop-ups.

    Please restore the personal activity log, and if possible, make it permanent with the list of visited portals, like in Pokémon GO !

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