Chasing Avenir Shard #7 - The Interpreter - Twin Rocks to Church of the Sea

MightyBakerMightyBaker ✭✭✭
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I love shards, and while these may not have quite the thrill of the competitive version, there's still excitement to be had, places to discover and new people to work with.

And so I travelled 45 miles to Lancaster in the north west of England on a bright and rather breezy Saturday afternoon to see #7 the Interpreter shard and help it on its way After about an hour's walk in the Forest of Bowland (not so many trees in this bit), some of it uphill (not exactly a mountain, but for an urban agent like me, quite steep enough, thank you very much) and some of it slightly boggy, I arrived at the portal. The views were expansive, and well worth the walk.

Twin Rocks:,-2.703891&z=17&pll=54.038909,-2.703891

The team had done some sterling work to clear the path to the Church of the Sea on Anglesey, a tidal portal that I'd had the pleasure to visit a few months back, The link was thrown, and with some time to **** until the shard was due to jump, I had some time to enjoy the sounds of the portal (yes, I had to turn the sound effects back on), and to record it jumping. The jump animation in Prime is rather fabulous! Once it was on its way I killed the link and was on my way back down.



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