Investigations around the world

It dawned on me today,after hearing that it had been 2 years since @MailEater had started translating the investigation into Japanese, that there wasn't a database, or acknowledgement of all those that take the time out of their day, to translate the investigation, ingress history, Operation Essex and ingress itself, for fellow investigators who are not Native English speakers.

I think that this should change.

Operation Ingress, started by the one and only Edgar Allen Wright on G+, is an international investigation group. There are members from all 4 corners of the globe. we can be found on Telegram at

there is also Project Isthmus, it is lesser known and quieter, but just as relevant

I have known about this Japanese blog for a while. I don't know if they have a Telegram group, but you can definitely find it's author, @MailEater both here and on Telegram

I figured a Russian translation existed somewhere but wasn't entirely sure and when. @NikaKor mentioned it passing, I knew it needed to be mentioned.

And last on my list, but definitely not least, I would like to mention another that I knew about but didn't know it's address. This one is in Italian

If there are any others that I didn't know about and you want added, please comment below. The more the merrier.😀

I personally appreciate all of those that do translate from English into another language and the global investigative community as a whole. This rabbit hole would not be the same without you


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