Questions for Victoria Kureze

I'm getting word from the NIA that Victoria Kureze is going to be communicating live from the Anomalous Bubble on Thursday, September 26th at 1700 UTC. As usual, if anyone's got questions, go ahead and post them here and I'll pass them along.


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    I hate to sound like a broken record, but does she or any of the other researchers know if the new Shaper glyphs we failed to unlock during Aurora's challenge will be made available in some way in the future? If this is one of those "we can't disclose the answer to that at this time" questions then I'll gladly accept that answer.

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  • What is the best thing agents can do to assist the researchers? Do we know Nemesis' true motives?

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    What do you think about Victor Kureze, your version in 1218 universe? Did you manage to talk with him or do you have interesting information on this subject?

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    You should have seen Umbra's mask when you were killed by Nemesis. What kind of face did she have? How were you killed by her?

  • Will the nemesis give the players medals if they do what they want?

    Will shards appear on the first Saturday? How do you plan to expand the list of training players during the holidays on the first Saturday?

    Street map of Ukraine was last updated in 2016. when will the next such update be? as I understand it, the machine does nl1331. hence the question - when will she come to Ukraine in order to meet with the players and at the same time update photos of at least a small part of local streets?

    what types of new weapons can players use in the fight against or against the nemesis?

  • What was Victoria doing on Level 8, and what is level 8?

  • Are you the same person as Victor Kureze was in 1218? If so, how and why do you think the recursion changed you?

    On a side note, how are things at the moment for you all?

  • Who is he? Without "Scanner [REDACTED]", What are we going to do with "Ingress Prime"? Who's behind the mask of Umbra? What do you know about Nemesis' true power? Do you remember about the memories of the past and the future? What is the Recurse button? My AP points was actually back in time in my phone devices? Are you Victoria Kureze? Who is the mysterious man in the black hood? Was that Ingress' first Saturday in Orlando for the past 3 weeks after my birthday party plans?

    All the answers will be revealed about the story of "INGRESS"!!

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    What is your archetype within your magnus?

  • What projects did Calvin have you working on at level 8? What is so secretive there?

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    Do you happen to know Curter Zokiev?

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    I have several questions:

    Recently, an image containing two potential Exogenous/shaper Glyphs has materialized from a leak regarding ingress scanner developments [see attached image]. Using your visionary abilities, are you able to confirm if these two glyphs will appear in the ingress scanner and what their possible meanings might be?

    Do you know why each of the Avenir shards is named after a Magnus archetype?

  • My questions for Dr.Victoria Kureze:

    1. I understand you are a theoretical physicist and were of tremendous importance for the discovery of Exotic Matter. Do you have any theory so as to the nature of XM? What lead you to suspect of its existence in the first place?
    2. We know you went to a secret section called level 8 despite not being cleared by Calvin to be there. We also have intel that you thought Calvin was working on something secret there. Do you have any particular reason for distrusting Calvin and wanting to go to Level 8 to see what was going on there by yourself? What did you find there?
    3. Are you involved in the development of the ingress scanner together with OLW, if such, how would you describe your working relationship? and is there any new tech coming to the scanner that we should be aware of?
    4. Do you have any idea of where you are being held right now? We have heard some statements that don't seem to add up so well, so, what do you think?
    5. When did you first learn about Nemesis? Did you have any encounters with them besides your awful deadly encounter?
    6. Were you aware that you were a simulacrum before Nemesis "killed" you? If so, for how long?
  • How can we help Tessellation?

  • Can you please bring back Susana Moyer or the Ingress report?

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