'Blocked mixed content' on Avenir shard tracking page


First of all, thank you for hosting and updating the map showcasing the Avenir shard jumps! It's very fun to see the progress agents are making with the shards!

However, when trying to open the webpage in different browsers I've noticed it is trying to load in mixed content. This means that the website is using a secure (https) connection and is trying to load in unsecure (http) content. In particular it's the markers that are the cause of the problem.

In most browsers mixed content is still shown, but in cases like mine where mixed content is blocked, as it presents a genuine security risk, I am unable to see the markers without intentionally 'downgrading' my browers' security setting. One could argue the settings might be to tight, however it's my and my companies policy, along with being best practice, to only allow, host and link to secure content when browsing on a secure page.

Could you please fix this problem by linking to the markers using their secure (https) urls?



Example: Blocked mixed content: http://maps.google.com/mapfiles/ms/icons/red-dot.png

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