Suggestion: Better Submitters make Better Submissions


  1. Questionable Submissions: A majority of OPR discussions revolve around the quality of submissions and "edge cases" that need to have scrutiny.
  2. Tired Reviewers: A huge amount of burnout for OPR reviewers is because they are tired of wading through junk.
  3. Ignorant Submitters: New submitters (L10) often get submissions rejected over and over and have no idea why.
  4. Clueless Players: Players on all games have NO idea how portals/stops get made and what makes a portal/stop good.

Suggested Actions:

  1. Make L10s go through the same OPR informational overview and quiz that L12s go through to get into OPR. Can't pass the quiz? Can't submit. This does three things: One, it socializes portal criteria so many more people know what is good and what is not. Two, it tries to weed out those who are simply careless. Three, it tries to impress upon submitters that criteria matters.
  2. Publish the current OPR criteria and guidelines. Why not? What could possibly be the harm of publishing this -- better portals? Oh $DEITY, no, we wouldn't want that. :) Breaking the 4th wall? Sure, but c'mon, it's not like that NEVER happens. I'm sure you can figure it out, Niantic. "Roland Jarvis reports researchers have discovered a pattern to new portals appearing in the's the list......"
  3. Reward submitters/reviewers for great portals -- get a portal in that gets 5-stars from 5 reviewers? 5000AP! Maybe 10,000! Reward OPR reviewers for great agreement rates -- maybe if you have a 90% or higher agreement rate you should be able to hold 2100 items instead of 2000 or something. Incentivize people to make quality and they will.

What do you say, people of Niantic/Ingress? What other suggestions do you have? We can do it better, cheaper, faster! I swear!


  • Agreed with 1&2. I particularly like 1, as this also serves as a warm up for the OPR test.

  • I like 1 and 2.

  • Reviewer burnout you say?

    I too suspect that there is a problem with a system where tou must achieve level 10 just to submit portals, but you must reach level 12 in order to review the portals. Your Ideas are good, but I would like to suggest a more extreme measure:

    As is, there will always be a backlog because it is easier to become a submitter than a reviewer.

    What if at level 10, you were allowed to take the test to review portals.

    Then, only at level 12, and once you've gotten some agreements, you would unlock the ability to submit portals.

    Say... 14 agreements, perhaps. After all, you can submit 14 portals a week.

  • That's a really good idea as well; turns it on its head.

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    #2 definitly, but I doubt #1 will have any affect. But if it is implemented, does that mean someone won't have to (re)test for OPR once they hit L12?

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

    My issue is seeing agents repeatedly not following the guidelines and trying to twist them to their liking. There was an open discussion about how an agent was not liking having to vote for a pavilion with a # when there were multiple so they were moving the pin and duplicating it instead of voting yes when it was properly placed. Then an agent complained they got a cool down after they voted yes on a LFL on a private residential property and then they admitted to having poor status sometimes I feel people don't listen even after the rules are clarified and still over grade things that should pass and then they pass things that should be a no like traffic circles with no pedestrian access and median light installations due to sculptures in the median and traffic circle clearly the system is broken and until agents accept the fact they need to follow the rules and not over do it we won't have any agreement on what is valid.

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