Can we please get a clarification on what is truly accessible in medians and traffic circles?

kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

Last night one of the shards spawned in a traffic circle with the portal being not physically touchable by the agent if they wanted to ultra strike if from the middle why is it that some traffic circles and medians that should not be valid are just ignored due to the fact an agent can barely hit it from the edge of the 40m radius. This is very haphazard and I feel like niantic is opening themselves to even more litigation for placing the portals in the middle of busy intersections. I have had a takedown appeal denied due to it being touched from within 40m. This still does not excuse the fact the portal was placed in the middle of an urban arterial road. 40m should not even be taken into account if the actual portal does not have sidewalk access. I am not against traffic circles if you can reach the center of the portal like with a couple of local parks having round abouts that are accessible by foot with low speed limits and there being a plaque for park visitors to read at the base of the statue in one of them.

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