Banner/Mission Approval Question

This is directed more to NIA or a mod that can direct me to the right place if it exists...

I am part of an organization that hosts events that are designed to get people out and involved in the community via physical activity (rucking/walking). There are many of us in the organization that play ingress and would love to create some banners/missions to commemorate some of our events by following the same route. We would also like to use our logo in the banner mosaic.

Is this possible? it seems that when we've tried to use the logo, the missions get rejected. We can provide a letter on official letterhead showing that specific agents have permission to create banners with our logo... but I don't think there is even a way to submit this....




  • The Mission Criteria specifically say "no logos", without stating an exception for logos you own/control. So while this is probably something they should allow, it likely isn't allowed currently.

    Also, Niantic would have to spend a lot of manpower on filtering and reviewing these requests, which means it's unlikely to be a priority for them.

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