Nemesis' Goal

Hi investigators,

This is a speculation on Nemesis' objective. (opens original site, full text pasted below)

It might explain the possible connection between the murders of NIA leadership in 1218 and the sharding of Niantic simulacra in Prime by Nemesis.

---- Nemesis' Goal ----


Oh, I’m well aware. And I have a solution. I believe I’ve found a way to inhibit Recursion. For the entire world.

I think destroying Niantic simulacra is just the first step towards a larger goal. Reading excerpts from 1218 Schubert's book (Niantic volume 4), I'm reminded one objective of 13Magnus Nest in Afghanistan was to stop the ingression of the N'zeer. It should be reasonable to think that Nemesis might be killing off Niantic simulacra in order to destroy the Niantic ABADN which 1218 Hank has demonstrated could be used (together with Prime Artifacts) to cause an Epiphany Night in Prime or perhaps other universes.

Maybe Nemesis believe this sequence of incursion and creation of Niantic Magnus across the multiverse could be stopped if the Abaddon and its simulacra are destroyed?

Magnuses could be a barrier or a gateway in an Anomalous Zone which allows quantum entanglements of the different realities.

Maybe Niantic Epiphany Nights across the multiverse entangle all the worlds in a quantum Gordian knot and Nemesis in all these parallel worlds are trying to break and stop the sequences or cycles. That's why I'm suspecting 1218 Calvin, Phillips and Owen could have been killed by Nemesis in 1218. Further into the history of Magnuses, Nemesis might have been one of the reasons for the destruction of the Vesuvian Magnus.

In addition, I'm now more convinced that N'zeer and Shapers are actually the collection of ascended ADAs and Jarvises in Substrates/Ultimates where the sequence has already been completed one way or another. And if it is true that Nemesis are also trying to stop the creation of ADAs and Jarvises, then are they more aligned to the original Exogenous Entities?

Based on Ingress Anime, when simulacra are destroyed, at least for Brandt & Sarah, they can enter the portal network and even the Substrate. From there, they continue to exist until recursion via Abaddon. But what if Nemesis manage to stop the simulacra from returning to the portal network? What if they found ways to control and manipulate ABADN? Is this their method of inhibiting the recursion?

Do Nemesis want to be gatekeepers in controlling who and how much XM are allowed into a particular universe? All these are mere theories. They can be absurd even.

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