Where are the anomaly guest codes?

Niantic announced that two guest codes would be given per paid anomaly ticket, but it's neither in my email nor on the event website anywhere.



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  • Still no Update? 4 days later.

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    The announcement said they would start sending them out on September 20th. That was Friday. I suppose the codes will arrive tomorrow (Monday)

  • I'm still in the process of sending out promo codes (email subject "Nemesis: Umbra Anomaly: 2 Onsite Activation (Paid) promo codes") and the first batch should finish by end of day Mon 9/23 (PDT) unless I run into further rate limiting. Thank you for your patience.

  • Received my 2 codes this afternoon

  • All agents who purchased an Onsite Activation (Paid) ticket on Thurs 9/19 PDT or earlier should now have received 2 promo codes for additional Onsite Activation tickets.

    To clarify a couple questions that have come up, these promo codes are for two friends or two other agents (buy 1 ticket, get 1 for you plus 2 promo codes for your friends). You can share these promo codes with anyone you wish, and the promo codes can be redeemed for a free Onsite Activation (Paid) event ticket via the main menu > Events > Nemesis: Umbra Anomaly: Site > Redeem a promo code link.

    I'll run the next batch tomorrow (Tues 9/24 PDT), thank you.

  • @Ziemowiter yes, the 2 promo codes I emailed to agents who purchased the Onsite Activation (Paid) ticket type are also redeemable for the same Onsite Activation (Paid) ticket type, which provides the anomaly medal if the agent has confirmed anomaly activity. Purchasing the Onsite Activation (Paid) ticket type gives you 1 ticket for yourself, plus also two additional Onsite Activation (Paid) ticket types for 2 other agents.

  • Ummm, Thanks for code, but my friend gets "invalid or you don't qualify" meggage

  • How bout actually listening to the community and not continuing on with some bs last minute sprung charge? If I can book my time off anf flights across a continent in April for this, y'all could have given earlier warning or waited until the next series.

  • @TycheAnanke what's your friend's agent name? Do you know if they had already registered for another ticket type? Agents can only register for one ticket type per event, but I can address that if you send me a bit more info, thank you.

  • @NianticBrian ordered my ticket for Dresden on 17th of September, got the confirmation mail - but no mail for the promo codes..

    agent name is hrkaleu

  • Hi, friends, just want to say, Brian really worked hard to track down a weird issue affecting my friend and got him registered. Kudos!

    I know this has been complicated, with new systems, the final Prime shift-over, and everything else. Let's not forget to post about the good stuff, too.

  • Registered 29. Sep. and still no promo codes.

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