Animations depending on phone resources


I have been using Prime for a couple months on a phone with limited resources, and have just decided to switch to a more powerful one because Prime cannot stay open in the background with 2GB RAM.

Imagine my surprise when, instead of getting a less laggy and more fluid experience, I discovered a game with blurry areas on the sides, and glitchy "animations" on all the items!

Some "advanced" animations are nice, as the link direction wave and the "sparkles" rising from the portal. But the shaky items really look like a bug - and I understand now why people say they find Prime ugly :(

Could you please add an option to stick to "basic" low-resource animations? Obviously right now the app decides the level of animation itself, but it would be nice to be able to change that.

Thank you in advance!

For example purposes, below are the animations on the old and the new phone:

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