What does your community say about you?



  • She's allowed to make her opinion on the first sign story she hears without getting facts. Got it.

  • There's a difference of opinion. As a bunch of us reported that post. Instagram didn't see it as cyber bullying.

    And the coward that posted it doesn't have an ingress account with that same name.

    All this post serves is someone trying to get pity with the last card she can play. Niantic can't do anything in regards to this post. Not can it punish the actions of one coward on an entire faction.

    So I guess bravo for standing up for herself but LOL at her boyfriend doing the same thing from this Instagram post. 😬

    Sorry, hard to sympathize with hypocrites. Oh well, more popcorn for the enlightened. 🍿 More butter please, less salt 🧂

  • It seems you completely misunderstood my point here. Let me spell it out for you. Her role as a Vanguard in no way affects her right to voice her opinion on matters she takes an interest in. Why you brought it up in the first place just points to a misguided idea of what a Vanguard is and what our responsibilities are.

  • No you made it perfectly clear. It was very wordy for useless. But I understand.

  • Useless. I see. Well, you're entitled to your opinion.

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    I understand your worries, and I am not siding anyone here, but cyberbullying in Ingress is as real as it gets.

    Some power that be even use people's depression and "ow poor PUTIGNHERE" across so many groups. Forwarding confessions in a private group to be used as a popcorn material; using people's misfortune as a CSR and THEN saying bad things about the person they helped; screaming "but you're only playing victim!" when being confronted; being exclusive or entitled; using sentiments to bring people down; bullying until the said person wanted to change faction when we all know it's not the solution.

    Those are just some examples.

    I am an ENL through and through, but I won't stand and let these people trample other people regardless faction, just "because they can".

    You know that scene with Steve Buscemi crossing out Billy Madison name? Yeah...it might make people on the receiving end do that. And once it becomes that, I hope they learned their lesson and be fair, but I am sure at that time...it's pretty late for everything else.


    Hi there @Azhreia . I believe what they were responding to was not directly to you but to one specific Vanguard agent. Why are you defending on the agent now? Is this going to be a trending:

    "if ONE vanguard criticised, ALL vanguard must have been the same?"

    In real life, if I say Burger King in Seremban is bad, ALL Burger King in the world is bad?

    Ingame example: RES in XX area is bad, toxic and bullish, so ALL res agents in this whole wide world is bad??

    Doesn't make that much sense now, does it?

    I see this unhealthy mentality to protect someone in some places even in workplaces, they back up someone even if they're not being fair just because they have a title to their name. I am imploring you to not have that kind of mindset here, or in Ingress, or amongst your Vanguard peers. It's not going to be good or benefiting anyone.

    I apologise if my words are a bit harsh, but why don't we let the mentioned person comes up and defend him/herself.

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    Please, do not apology for being harsh on a cyberbulling matter. It's quite possible that root cause is that no one was harsh enough when it was still possible to prevent.

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    There is a lot more at play here than the OP will ever admit. As I do not support or advocate the eye for an eye mantra, this entire situation is reminiscent of two school yard kids trying to "one up" the other, and then one of them runs to tell the teacher. Both parties are wrong, but it is always the ENL that get stuck holding the bag.

    I will like to reiterate that no one knows who this Ingresssecrets is and as a Leader/Moderator or VANGUARD, choosing sides is NOT the way to LEAD or MODERATE any situation. We need to continue to move past this. We have an anomaly coming up. Let's all focus on that.

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  • This whole thing is definitely messed up. But blaming and trying to hold the entire ENL community responsible is a little far fetched. Especially when there's no proof this person or people are actually ENL. It's terrible, yes. Go after the person, not the community. Ive witness the RES do terrible things too, some in front of this person posting, and she had nothing to say. I still don't or wouldn't hold all RES responsible. It's common sense to me

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