Why is Niantic not listening to the player base for income ideas?

So it seems that Niantic needs money to keep ingress running, and instead of listening to the player base they are just starting to charge players for things like anomalies. Here is a list of things that I and others I have talked to would be happy to pay for:

More inventory space

More portal submissions

A media capsule that I can put as much media as I want without counting towards inventory

A capsule for souvenir keys, once they go in they can't be used, but unlimited keys allowed

A redacted skin (not reacted itself, but a skin that lets me reminisce)

Other skin options for the scanner

Greater data access, even if just for my own account, I would like to be able to go to the Intel map and have it highlight what portals I haven't interacted with before for example


  • This. And more. How about agent modifiers? Personal shields to reduce damage taken? Make them things you can craft instead of hack. Weapon boosts etc. Have a daily task list like HP to earn small amounts of Chaotic matter. XM collectors so we grab XM from a wider area whilst walking.

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    Skins are not going to happen any time soon. I think people are underestimating the massive amount of development time that would be needed to change the scanner UI into a skinnable one.

    I mean, maybe if it's just about changing the background colour or replacing some images with other equivalent ones, that could be possible; but that would certainly not give you a Redacted skin or anything like it.

    Besides, I want them to fix the numerous bugs first.

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    Niantic isn't listening because a lot of what people are suggesting aren't real money makers or would not generate enough income to come close to making Ingress a financially independent game. The problem with lockers of any kind or UI skins is that they are a one-time expense for the player. And from my own experience, swag is rarely a money maker. Frackers are the only item with any rebuy potential, and even they have limited appeal. The bundles aren't all that appealing either because you can easily get them through a modest amount of ****. What Ninatic needs is more consumable items that have a greater appeal than the Frackers. The problem is that any such item will be label as pay to win and there will be a great deal of complaining. (Frackers can also be viewed as P2W, but people are already use to them.)

    That just leaves the Anomalies, and honestly, I was rather surprised to find that you didn't have to pay in order to participate or get the rewards for participating. The $15 price tag seems rather minimal and wouldn't come close to the cost of traveling to an Anomaly city, which can be 200 to 400 times the cost of the Anomaly ticket. And since Ingress isn't generating revenue anywhere else, this seems like a natural income source. So the question is, why has Ninatic gone so long without charging for participation in Anomalies?

  • I would also prefer them to fix the bugs before doing any of these things, but if they need money to keep going in the meantime this is a list of things that I, and others I have talked to, would be happy to pay for, as opposed to just surprising the player base with things like charging for the anomaly that is less than a month away

  • What I would (probably) pay money for:

    • Anomaly Beacons. I dunno why, but if just love them. They are blocking my inventory but I just don't want to use them... A pitty we did not get new ones with the current anomaly logos. (Chance that I give you my money for that: 10/10)
    • Stealth Beacons. Only visible for your own faction. (11/10)
    • XM Glue. Add XM glue to 3/5/whatever mods of the same rarity to get one mod of the next higher rarity. Glue your own Aegis so to speak. (08/10)
    • Capsule paint. Paint a capsule in the colour of your liking. Useful if you meet with fellow agents and everyone drops capsules at the same time. Additional paints available during holiday season so you can wrap your capsule in ugly Xmas designs, funky bow included. («Dude, gimme my capsule back, I want the blue one, not that ugly red one with the white dots! I'm never ever gonna trade again with you!!») (10/10)
    • Skins for your Agent icon. Tired of the yellow arrow that represents you in the scanner? More into cookies or want to be your own faction's logo? Open your wallet and there you go. #letmebeacookie (Cookie 11/10, everything else 5/10)
    • Portal effects. Want to surprise your better half on February 14th? Put the Portal effect on your home portal and be amazed when hearts are flying out for the next 90 minutes. Or **** icons, if it's the home portal of your best worst enemy. (6/10)


  • Niantic never listen to the players. Ask any enl that played during the brokers guild scandal

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    The subscription, whatever happend to that ? we have 8 years anniversary going and eos event but not a thing about that ?? seems like a big opportunity missed here....

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