Glyph Challenge Progress/Evolution/Success

IshiraIshira ✭✭✭✭✭

This is my #glyphchallenge for Progress/Evolution/Success and while i didnt have a lot of time this weekend between multiple events i was still able to do field art at home today! 

This glyph is one of the few glyphs with the most meanings in our scanner but it also doesnt have known compositions. One is unknown and we know about it because of the Anime, but it has still not been named yet. The glyph closest to being finished that follows the flow of the composition is Pursue/Chase, which has yet to become a part of our scanner glyphs. 

A little dive in the history of this glyph shows us once more that this glyph was known by agents far before its official release in the scanner. 

The glyph was seen in the 13Magnus video in Dec 2013 with the name Evolution

And also among the 1218  Recursion Artifacts under the name Progression and within the Helios Artifacts. You can see Progress in the Niantic Project Files.

This is fitting as it goes along with the pattern that most of these challenge glyphs follow. There are many other glyphs that could be used in these challenges but it is always interesting to see the detailed history that most these spotlighted glyphs have. There is likely many other times this glyph has been used in our history but sadly i havent had much time to find all of it today. If you find anything more on where this glyph has been used, feel free to share it with me!

For those interested in the supposed Glyph Challenge sequences, they are below. 

2018 glyph challenge sequence 

All capture creativity resistance/enlightenment pure harmony/peace.

2019 glyph challenge (purple)

 Liberate human destiny (toast) victory mind

2019 glyph challenge (red)

Nemesis knowledge Progress/Evolution/Success

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