Automated Stats Tracking

During the Field Test we have seen (and tested) this new feature. We all know there were major issues with some stats not being correctly tracked and people not receiving a medal due to it. That's not exactly what I want to look at here, however stats have been incorrectly tracked !

Here is what has been observed:

People who arrived late were not able to hack the registration portal, Their stats however were tracked and in some instances they received the medal as well despite not having hacked the registration portal in time (it was hacked long after the ornament was removed from the portal).

It even gets a bit worse. There were many people that signed up Field Test that did not show up. This is nothing new, there are always more people that sign-up then people that actually show up. But those people that stayed home and played also had their stats for the Helvatica increased. These are even visible on the leader board. This is a group of players that were not even playing in any playbox for any Field Test location.

I absolutely do not care if they get a medal for Field Test or not, as long as everyone who actually participated get it. Even if they only were too late to hack the registration portal as they did actually help in testing. In fact, its due to them that this came to light. I am bringing this up as this is a major bug in the automatic stats tracking mechanism that if left unfixed could cause more issues down the line during other events. It could even be abused by not playing at the event location but remotely.

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