Idea for monetization

Thinking of Niantic's other games and what I spend money on there I came up with a few ideas.

1 storage.

Probably one of the biggest issues is more storage (how many of us have 5 to 6 key capsules.?) Many agents would pay for more storage. First problem with it would be that it could become "pay to win" if the 2k item cap isn't kept. Balance is in jepordy.

Solution: Storage Locker

Fee based storage limited access. The day to day inventory could be kept at 2k but have a Storage locker thst either is tied to a physical location (this could only be accessed by and seen by the person who owns it) or it is timer based in its access.

I like the idea of being able to have a place where I could put all my non anomoly items so I could go gear up for a big event.

2 ways to access (either or)

1 The locker could be geo locked to a location easily accessed by the player. Again this is something thst can only be seen and accessed by whomever owns it. So item transfers only occur at this location. This could be done by a monthly charge to access maybe $1 per 200 items, with a limit of 1k in storage ($5 a month). If you stop your subscription you loose access.

If you move you can "dig up" and move your locker for a fee as well (maybe limit that number of times you can do that so people don't just pay to have access all the time)

This would keep the 2k item limit somewhat intact as you would have to return home to get more gear.

2 The locker could just be on a timer (and always in inventory) and only gives you access for an hour every 24 hours. Make your decisions and transfer all you want but after you have accessed it for an hour it will lock you out for 23 hours before it let's you back in. Again this could be a subscription fee. Also could have "Emergency access" if a fee is paid if you need to access again within those 24 hours.

Idea 2 "Eggs" duplication capsules

I spend most of my money buying incubators in PoGo and Silver keys in HPWU. We could do something similar in ingress too. Adventure sync needs to come to Prime for this to work.

Assign a walk distance to items...

Bursters and resonators could be 1k

Common shields, hack mods and ultra strikes 2k

Rare items, shields, hack mods, turrets and force / link amps 5k

Very Rare shields, hack mods 10k

Extremely Rare items, viruses, aegis shields, softbank ultra links. 20k

Purchace a Duplication capsule and place the item you wish to duplicate in it give it a max capacity of 100km before it breaks and a new one would need to be purchased. This means a 1 capsule could produce 100 bursters, or it could also produce 5 Aegis shields after walking 100kms

I know quantum capsules are essentially the same thing but this would be guaranteed reproduction and bring back Extremely rare duplication. And introduce adventure sync.

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